The usability of the language redirect

Anyone thinks the language redirect that some companies provide is simply annoying sometimes?

Take for example the three IT giants that probably did some usability testing involving the language redirect.

knows even better than I do that I want to go on and that I want it to search in the Spanish pages.
Google screenshot
It’s true that you can then convince it to go to your desired page,, but it takes some knowledge to make it remeber that for a while. Cause sometimes it forgets and it will take you to again…

does the same thing as Google and it takes you to while displaying all the info that you might need in Spanish. It mixes the results of an English query with the results of Spanish websites and you can choose after that what you would like to read.
Yahoo page
Yahoo search result

is a bit wiser. It knows that you might know better where are you going and it diplays a splash screen. Behind it, the page in Spanish is already loaded 🙂
MSN screenshot

I wonder how travelers think about this and if they feel frustrated about handling such small but annoying problems. IF they consider them as problems.

Check the Spanish version of this post:
La usabilidad de la redirección por lenguaje