The dissapearance of H1

I was writing the other day about the importancy of the H1 heading and the necessity to use quality headings and content.

I started to search for big-names-earning-money-from-good-websites in order to find good examples of smart headings in their index pages. In case anyone would ask: “Ok smart….girl, show me a million dollar website if your’re so….” I would definitely say: “Look at Amazon or HP or BMW you…..” They have the money to buy web experts in case they don’t have an in-house department. They shoud know better than anyone how important is to have a good website.

But I can’t. Amazon, HP and BMW all have something in common. They all start their index page with a H2. Well it’s not the end of the world. Their pages still look good and at least they don’t say “welcome” 🙂

What do big guys say? H2 speaking…

Amazon says: “Shop Laptops at 20% Off or More”

HP US says: “Primary content tabs” or “Messaging banner” or “HP Newsroom links”…all for accessibility purposes…..

These 3 H2 tags are all having a CSS class that hides them. There are some H2 visible though …. In the footer we have “HP Corporate”, “Resources” and “Customer Support”.

BMW US says: “Your Saved Content”, “Your Saved Configurations” and “Sorry!” in case something bad happens. BTW, nice flash banner…..

Let’s find some good guys

Apple has:

H1: the Ipad image, with the message: “iPad is here.”
apple's h1 heading

H2-H6 missing

IBM has:

H1: an image with the message:”If the buildings in LA look smug, they have a good reason. Los Angeles emerges as te winner in the IBM Smarter Buildings Study. Find ut why–and see what else we learned.”
IBMs H1 heading

H2: missing
H3: “Featured topics”, “What IBM can do for…”, “How to buy”, “Products”, “Services”, “Evaluate”, “Design”……a lot….

The interesting thing about these 2 companies is that the H1 tag was also the most proeminent news in the page. They didn’t have, like HP, important tags used only for screen readers with no relation with what was important in the main visible layout.

In the end…

I think we all got the message. Forget about H1, who gives a ….flower about it anyway?