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I needed a plugin to help me send the last posts of my blog as email to my subscribers. I chose 6 that might solve my problem and here they are, in alphabetical order:

Ajax Newsletter

It comes with a widget so make sure you install them both. It collects subscribers and sends email depending on the settings you decided upon.
ajax newsletter
(+) The widget will collect subscribers while the plugin will send email every X posts or weekly/monthly. Quite flexible with the settings and usable.
(+) You can preview the emails, to see what your subscribers will receive.
(+) The users receive a confirmation email and also there is always a link to unsubscribe from the newsletter.
(-) The user has to confirm the subscription and the confirmation page is quite ugly and not based on your theme. You have to work a bit to make it pretty. Also you have to spend a little time and improve the mail’s look.

Automatic Newsletter

Quite unusable for me.
automatic newsletter
(+) You can set the number of posts to send and how often
(-) Problems with the usability of the widget. After subscribing I am redirected to an error page while the error/success message is displayed under the newsletter form. So my attention goes to the page, displaying: “Sorry, no posts matched your criteria.” instead of the message under the form saying:”Email Added, Thank you”.
(-) No confirmation email is sent to the subscriber.
(-) I don’t see the subscribers and I wasn’t sure they will all receive my email until I actually sent a test email. The interface is not as usable as it could be and might confuse the user.
(-) There is no Unsubscibe link by defauls in each mail sent to the subscribers.

G-Lock Double Opt-in Manager

This was my choice in the end and I think it is the most complex plugin that I tested.
Glock newsletter
Glock newsletter
(+) It sends confirmation mails and the unsubscribe link is present in all their mails.
(+) You can send welcome messages
(+) You can customize emails for:subscribe, unsubscribe, the newsletter’s content, welcome mail.
(+) You can customize the newsletter’s fields. In this case I chose to show only the email field.
(+) It uses the current theme to display pages Success/Error/Confirmation pages in your blog and it saves you time with customizing them.
(+) Quite usable and flexible and with useful tips in te sidebar of the admin section.
(+) You can see your subscribers and unsubscribe/delete them.
(-) In case you already used a plugin before and have a DB of subscribers, there’s no way you can import it and use it with G-Lock. Too bad…:(


Comes with a widget so pay attention. It’s also partially in Spanish so you have to pay attention some more. But it’s better than Glock because it has statistics and more settings, but it does not send mail automatically and it’s a little too complex – too sofisticated perhaps.
Meenews Newsletter
(+) Sends a confirmation email.
(+) Very customizable and skinnable, maybe too much.
(+) You can customized the confirmation email, which is very good because their English is not 100% perfect.
(+) You can see the subscribers and also import them from .csv files.
(+) Access to statistics: how many subscribers you have, how many read your email, etc. Really cool feature!! (if you pay for it)
(-) It doesn’t use the blog’s theme for the confirmation mail, but their own.
(-) It does not send mails unless you pick the posts and send them yourself. It cannot do this automatically or when your blog reaches a certain number of posts. Too bad ๐Ÿ™
(-) In the emails sent to the users I saw an unsubscribe message but the link was not functional.


(+) You can costomize the emails sent to the users.
(+) You have access to the subscribers’ list and you can import subscribers from a .csv file.
(+) It uses your blog’s theme for confirmation message, and it sends really polite mails. ๐Ÿ™‚
(+) Quite customizable.
(-) It doesn’t use unubscribe links in the emails.
(-) It doesn’t have a scheduler for the emails, it keeps sending you to buy a better version that hasn’t been released yet. Quite frustrating. And expensive.


(+) Sends mails automatically.
(+) You have access to the subscribers list.
(-) You cannot customize many things, pretty simple compared to the other ones.
(-) You have to create a page with the newsletter form, it does not add itself in the sidebar.You really have to read the Help for this one.

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