Insights from the Titanium App Developer certification exam

Recently I became a Titanium Certified Application Developer (TCAD) and I was thinking on giving some insights on the exam for those who want to take it.

The exam covers all the areas that exists in the process of developing an app with Titanium Appcelerator:

  • Code Questions,
  • Contacts and Social APIs,
  • Cross-Platform Development in Titanium,
  • Integrating Web Content,
  • Media and the Filesystem,
  • Using Location Services,
  • Working with Local Data,
  • Working With Remote Data,
  • You’re a Native Application Developer Now,
  • Zero To App Recap,
  • UI Fundamentals,
  • Deployment and Distribution.

To pass the exam you will need of course experience but the Appcelerator team has put online at Wiki the labs for each part of the exam. I strongly suggest you to take a good look at them, even at those that might look already known to you, because you might find some nice stuff inside and it will also remind you forgotten stuff at least.

Some of the courses have videos and also links to the downloadable projects.

The projects are a good point to start/learn how to do things “the right way” and explain pretty well some principles that apply to an Appcelerator app.

Don’t let the word “exam” scare you because it’s not really difficult – some of the questions are simple and common sense.

So go for it!

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