Google Chrome translate – usability issue?

Being a lazy person, I always wanted to have a translate feature in my broswer so I won’t have to google-translate everything. When it finally was included in the Chrome browser I discovered that at first it was annoying and that the Options button in the right is not the best choice they could have made from the usability point of view.


I develop websites for foreign clients. At first I am not interested in reading their website cause I just want to take a look at the layout, at the menu, at the images and to asses the general look and feel of the website. So I browse the website and with every new page I check the same message pops-up.
Chrome translate message
chrome options

I don’t want to read it in English so:

1. I can ignore the message, but it keeps coming back
2. I can click on NOPE, but it keeps coming back. WHYYY? 🙁
3. I can choose NEVER to translate German, but what if I might need that in the future?
4. I might choose to never translate this site, but what if I will need it someday?

After a while…

I would like to asses the website from the Information Architecture content – I want to see how the content is formulated, how it is displayed and how can it be improved in order to make the users task of reading as easy as possible. So I need to translate it – and I use the button Translate. While I’m browsing the website the top message still appears telling me with each new page I click that it has been translated. While browsing this keeps showing and I wonder if it is really necessary for it to distract my attention with that message all the time – I can see it has been translated.

Chrome message

What options do I have now?

chrome options

I might not always want it to translate pages grom German to English. I don’t think these new options are ok. As well as I don’t think the ones before were ok. Something is missing. Some sort of “not now, please” button.

I think I want something like

What I propose

Check the Spanish version of this post:
Traducción de Google Chrome – problema de usabilidad?