Funny and serious TED talks about education by Ken Robinson

Sir Ken Robinson gave 2 very funny and impressive TED talks about revolutionizing the education (one in 2006 & one in 2010) and we got so excited about these that we decided to post them here and share them with you. In case you don’t know TED you might wanna check more talks and ideas on their website.

2006 – Ken Robinson says schools kill creativity

2010 – Sir Ken Robinson: Bring on the learning revolution!

Changing Education Paradigms

A wider notion of ability

A talk about abilities, recognizing the talents that each of us have and identifying all the senses we can develop and use. You can see more interesting videos at Creative Momentum page or their Vimeo channel.

In case you know about more speakers we should follow, drop us a line. I’ll keep updating this post with more talks.