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Ups and downs when building apps – case study: ArtistBox

Post originally published on Appcelerator’s blog.

We’d like to share with you our story on how we built one of our iPhone apps – ArtistBox – and give you some insights on how we solved the (quite a few) issues that we had.

What’s ArtistBox?

Artistbox is an iPhone application (built with Titanium Appcelerator) that finds the most complete information about your favorite artists: their biography, discography, news, concerts in your area and worldwide, videos, pictures and similar artists.

We strive to gather way more information than any other music discovery app on the market – for example by adding up-to-date news or hi-res pictures – and for the next versions we will add more cool features.

ArtistBox listing all the artist in the iPhone libraryRihanna - Artist page in ArtistBoc app
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Dan’s speech at TiConf Valencia 2013

A really short post today that gathers Dan’s presentation at TiConf 2013 where he talked about optimizing the code in order to speed up Titanium Appcelerator apps.

The video

The slides

Speed up your apps by Dan Tamas TiConf 2013 from dan_tamas

I hope I’ll be able to post a transcript of his speech sometimes next week.

Let’s meet at TiConf 2013 in Valencia – Europe’s first Titanium Appcelerator conference

This will probably be the last blog post for 2012 and I don’t want to end this year and begin another one without sending an invitation to all Titanium Appcelerators DeveLovers out there to come and meet each other at TiConf 2013.

Let’s meet next February 23th in Valencia (Spain), have a drink and chat about Titanium, NodeJs, SQLite, your latest Android phone, the latest SDK available or the last night’s tapas tour. Whatever makes you happy, just come – spring in Valencia is awesome and there will also be plenty of time to tour the city and its bars too.
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A fancy box with rounded corners and drop shadow with CSS3 only. Really?

I have to admit that when I like the design of a website I check its CSS and HTML to see the code hoping to learn something new. I’m horrible at design and I cannot make a box even if I have it in front of me for 24 hours non stop but I love all kinds of tricks to make the content more appealing: rounded boxes, sexy quote marks, bubbles, everything.

What is really weird is that all these fancy design elements are usually cut as images and put as background-image for some DIV while the vast majority of them can be recreated with CSS. I admit, not all of them are simple but some do and today I’ll show you my latest experiment. I love a certain kind of box and I’m trying to make it using CSS3 only. After a little prayer to the CSS3 God let’s start.

If you’re not a patient person skip all this and go directly to the test page.
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