CssGallery was created as a comprehensive resource blog for web technologies. It includes CSS 2&3, Javascript, Ajax, Mootools, HTML5 & design resources, articles and tutorials. Lately the main focus was on developing iPhone/Android applications using Titanium Appcelerator and Usability/Accessibility but we will come back with other topics really soon.

It is written by coders who are confronted with real issues on a daily basis and most of the time the posts are inspired by the problems we managed to solve. So most of the posts are solutions to problems all coders have and we hope to give a hand in solving specific bugs. Also we sometimes opine when it comes to IT news – but often this is not the case because we try to keep it 99% technical and we do not wish to bore you with posts about…nothing.

We hope you will drop us a feedback now and then and if you would like to submit news/articles please feel free to contact us.