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iPhone grayscale icons

We’ll try today to bring some icons to be used for the UI of the iPhone. Like the ones below:


The icons should be grayscaled, as the operating system will take care of all the graphic effects –  like the nice aqua gradient, or the background of the button.

Some of the resources presented are free and some are paid, but the prices are not high.


Glyphish –  130 png icons.


Pixelpressicons.com –  a free set for commercial or personal usage.


glyFX.com –  5 free icons


app-bits.com –  48 free icons




A set of 160 icons.


Icondock.com has 2 sets of icons

Rocky, a vector set containing 290 icons


and Simply bold, another vector with over 150 icons.



A set of 328 icons both available in pixel or vector format.


Kombine.com – 130 png icons


Paid or not, this sets of icons can save you time and money in the process of creating an iPhone application. Share yours.

Two web icons sets from semlabs

SemLabs just released two free iconsets:

Free Web Design Icon Set

The Free Web Design Icon Set is a collection of 310 icons in PNG format. They are 16×16 pixels and they’re designed to be used on web projects but may also be useful for systems icons and for print. This icon pack is free to use in commercial and non-commercial projects, modify and distribute.


SEM Labs Web Blog Icon Pack

The SEM Labs Icon Set is a pack of 52 icons in PNG format. They are 48×48 pixels and they’re specifically designed for blogs and have an SEO theme. However over the coming months more icons will be added to it to give them a broader scope.

They are released under the Creative Commons (by) Licence.