Rounded cornes – CSS

Rounded corners are a challenge for every coder that wants to make a modern design. If the layout of the page is liquid a simple image is not enough anymore. In this article we’ll present some CSS resources for rounded corners.

Nifty Corners: rounded corners without images

CSS and Round Corners: Build Boxes with Curves

Rounded corners in CSS

“Bullet-Proof” Rounded Corners

More Rounded Corners with CSS

CSS Mojo: Adding Visual Polish To Your Pages

CSS Round Corners

CSS – Single Image Fluid/Fixed Rounded Bordered Corners walkthrough

Rounded Corners for Fixed width (css only)

Curved boxes in CSS

Lean and Clean CSS boxes

Mountaintop Corners

CSS Liquid Round Corners

CSS Design: Creating Custom Corners & Borders

Simple Rounded Corner CSS Boxes

Round Corners

CSS teaser box revisited

4 thoughts on “Rounded cornes – CSS”

  1. Thank you for mentioning my rounded corners technique.

    I know some would wonder why so many different techniques are needed but it seems that all of them, mine included, have their positives and negatives and knowing which ones have which is important to know which one to use in a given situation.

    One thing is for sure, ALL of the techniques would be much more powerful and inter-operable were it not for IE-6 still being among us. ;-)

    I still think my favorite technique is Schillmania’s. It is very complicated and it doesn’t always work, usually due to IE-6, but when it does work, it’s brilliant!


  2. IE6 ? in my opinion IE6 is a real stopper in a designer life. I am not a designer, or at least not a dedicated one, but i know how frustrating is, after coding a site, to start loosing time trying to make it work for ie6….but, if i try to be optimistic ie6 is in the category that force a coder/designer to become creative :)

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