Javascript Compressor

Javascript compressors or packers are tools that compress the javascript file saving bandwidth. There are several tools that can do this. We will try to show some of them.

For tests I used Mootools v1.11 downloaded full with no compression.

Javascript Compressor

Javascript Compressor

Highest compression level is with “high ascii” setting, “fast decode” unchecked and obtained a 0.224 compression. It uses Dean Edwards algorithm.

Creativyst® CSS & JavaScript Compressor (v2.2c)


This script runs in your browser. Obtained a 51.1% level of compression.



This will ask you to upload the js script and will return a compressed version.

0.39 level.

JS Minifier

JS Minifier

Set on agressive mode, will compress the test file to 40.4%.

jscrush – Online JavaScript compressor

jscrush - Online JavaScript compressor

jscrush makes use of Andrea Giammarchi’s JavaScript Compressor class and Er. Rochak Chauhan’s Create ZIP File class.

We had a 41.9 level of compression. This script is able to pack pack and combine more scripts in one file, so it saves the number of connections between browser and server.

This seems to be the winner. :) cause it compress the file  with 83.3%.

You  have to set the charset to “ISO-8859-1″ or your script will not work.

Let us know if we missed some tools.

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  1. Yep,

    You’ve missed one: YUI compressor (a part of YUI library).

    I haven’t heard about – it looks sweet.

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